Manufacturer of vibration isolation products used to reduce the transmission of vibration produced by equipments into or within a building structure.

Scarcity of land space in modern cities resulted in the need to maximize land use and this in turn led to the emergence of numerous high-rise buildings of today.

In many cases, building equipment such as air conditioners, chillers, fans and pumps have to be located immediately adjacent to the office on intermediate floor instead of at the basement.

With this change in structural design, the existing vibration problem is aggravated, and more care is required to protect the buildings from excess vibration transmitted from the vibrating equipment.


ACE EQUIPMENT (1985) PTE LTD is the manufacturer of VIBRATION CONTROL SYSTEMS VCS, a leading high-quality vibration control products developed from many years of research, development and field experience.

In the market since 1976, the VCS range is superior to many similar products available in the market and is proven for its reliability for major projects in Singapore and overseas.


Vibration Control Systems VCS has over 40 years of knowledge and experience in vibration isolation.

A wide range of isolators are available, designed for a load range capacity of 10kg to 8000kg and deflection from 1” (25mm) to 5” (130mm).


VCS is committed to provide the shortest lead time possible with its high level of stock inventory with its warehouse in Singapore.

VCS products are manufactured under tight supervision and in accordance with spring diameter > 0.8 of operating height with spring overload capacity of up to 150% and neoprene non-skid pad of 8mm thickness.


VCS is equipped with the technical expertise to provide highly customizable vibration isolation products to meet many different specific operational requirements.

The VCS team is constantly enhancing its products features, introducing new products to meet the ever-changing industry requirements and improve the overall cost effectiveness of our products.


ACE EQUIPMENT (1985) PTE LTD is also affiliated with ACME PUMPS (ASIA) PTE LTD, a leading manufacturer of high-quality pumps of the ACME brand. ACME pumps aim to provide our customers worldwide with high efficiency pumps of superior quality that are reliable while remaining cost efficient.